Sporty Chic Shift ..

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Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetWhen sporty meets chic this is the dress you imagine. Beautifully floral printed yet not to fitted and details that make it pair easily with sneakers. This trendy style in not just for juniors it can work for so many different women with different shapes and sizes. And the best part is that it pairs with heels and looks just as great. If you need to layer for the colder weather try it with leggings and knee high boots. The possibilities are endless.

Roses Banded Knit Dress $18

Looking Great on a..

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Every girl wants to look sensational in their clothes and shopping at GraysonShop is one way to fill your closet with great outfits at really low prices. But shopping online isn’t something you usually do with your friends on a Saturday afternoon. So if you head to the mall, consider these tips

Visit the sale racks first. You may find some incredible bargains but many shoppers avoid these racks because they are either jam packed with too much clothes, look disorganized or are out of season. Take your time to pick through the sale racks as you may find a perfect top or pair of pants to coordinate with clothes you already own.

A bargain isn’t a bargain if you never wear it! If you don’t love it, don’t buy it. How many times have you purchased something because it was “so cheap” or your friends loved it – but you never wore it?

It doesn’t matter if it’s cute if it is stained or needs a repair. If you aren’t a seamstress or an expert at removing stains, it’s not worth it. The likelihood is you’ll either spend more than it was worth to get it cleaned or repaired or it will end up in the pile of clothing to be donated. (If your mom is a genius at these things – it may be the best bargain ever!)

Shop discounted clothing stores often. Many of these stores get new clothing every day or at least once a week. You’ll find a new selection of top quality clothing at low prices so you never know what you’ll find.

Learn when the sales are. Do you have a favorite store? Ask when they offer sales and watch the pattern so you can take advantage of the best sales!

Find and coupons. Nearly every store offers coupons of some kind. Whether you use a coupon app on your smartphone or they come to you in the mail, use your coupons. Fight the impulse to go shopping 2 days before the sale, and coupon, are valid. You can save so much money and get great clothing!

These tips should help you create a wardrobe you love at exceptional savings. Except for the stains and repairs, all these tips apply to shopping online for junior clothing as well.


Nothing To Wear

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How often do you wake up in the morning, wash your face, peer into your closet and think “I have nothing to wear”?   It’s a common phrase – we’ve all said it. But of course, you love the clothes you have because you purchased them. The real problem is that it’s not always easy to put together a cute outfit.

What’s your style? Are you classic, funky, sporty or bohemian? Here are some ideas to try when you have nothing to wear.

Jeans & a T-shirt

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It’s a classic choice and just doesn’t get much easier. It’s the perfect choice when you’re just not able to put anything else together. Dress it up with heels and accessories or keep it super casual with flats and a bag. One great pair of jeans can take you anywhere.

Tailored pants & a Blouse

Dress Like Jess - Jessica Lemos - jesslemos - Printed Pants - 2

Day to night, this is almost as easy as our first suggestion. Work by day and enjoy dinner out with friends at night. Your wardrobe should include go-to pants for the transition between activities. Classic black and white is always easy to pull off.

Skirt + Top


Whether it’s a day in class, shopping, a trip to the movies, running errands, or hanging out with friends, a skirt is one of the most versatile items in your closet. There are two essentials, the maxi skirt and the pencil skirt. Between the two, you’ll be ready for any activity in style.

The Floral Dress

2015-05-04 10.21.10 1

Another wardrobe essential. This dress can be worn along, with a blazer, sweater, leather jacket, or denim vest. From flirty to casual, this is a versatile piece of fashion.

Statement Outfit


Pick a style and trend that you like. The specifics of this outfit will vary depending on your favorite style! Your go-to is usually the outfit you find yourself wearing over and over again! So days when you have nothing to wear – go for this outfit – the one that makes you feel good when you wear it.

The next time you think you have nothing to wear, look in your closet with fresh eyes and we bet you’ll find something you love!



Ahhh, the holiday season is here. It’s a time for parties, presents and Thanks. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to take stock the things we’re thankful for; family, friends, our homes – there is a lot to be thankful for right?

We’re not out to diminish, or trivialize, the vast amount of things we all have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving but we would like to take a moment and share some top fashion & beauty trends of 2015 that we’re thankful for – hey a girl has to look good!

1.Wide leg/flare pants. Back from the 70’s, flare or wide leg pants are a hit this year. The exaggerated shape makes your legs look longer and the addition of a heel takes the look one step further.


2.Bling! Feminine, sparkly jewelry is a favorite and adds a special touch to every outfit you might have. From rings to gorgeous necklaces, earrings and bracelets, we just love the sparkle!

705-geo-lacquered-bib-necklace-aGEO LACQUERED BIB NECKLACE $14

3.Boots. Boots with dresses, boots with leggings, boots for trudging thru the snow; designers are loving boots and black seems to be the color of choice to wear with everything. Oh, and fur slippers, boots and booties are popular also! Who doesn’t love fur?


4.Flow and flare. Why wear a pencil skirt when your hem can flow around as you move? The flounce hem is a super flirty and fun style and can be worn for every occasion.

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5.90’s color. From ripe berry to plum black for lips, bronze to smoky shadows for eyes and cat eye liner, the hues for makeup are amazing and give us so much room to create a look that is individual and stunning!


Take stock this Thanksgiving of all the important things in your life but celebrate the fluff as well as you enjoy turkey, stuffing and all that goes with your Thanksgiving meal!

Fall Outfits

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.37.04 PM

Glaminista08 shares her favorite Grayson items for Fall and we can help but fall in love with all the cute goodies she picked. Fall is our favorite season and currently in full effect and her pieces are the perfect ones to stay warm and cute. Check out her video along with the links she included so you can shop her looks!

Weekend Warrior


20150708_5992 20150708_5998The weekend is coming the weekend is coming! And we have the perfect juniors graphic tank top to celebrate. I mean seriously if we all could excel at something were pretty sure being a “weekend warrior” is it. Were always ready to take the weekend by storm even if its spending it in our PJS all weekend, we do it to the fullest, you know? The greatest part about this juniors fashion tank top is that it looked so good under a leather moto jacket and distressed jeans and boots. Making it a great transition piece for fall style.

Weekends are great for many reasons but heres a few of our favorites.

1. Time To Rejuvenate and Relax

Finally some time to sit down catch up on the DVR and turn your brain off. Down time can be just as important as other things in your schedule, keeps you sane!

2. Time To Run Errands

You know that return you’ve been trying to get to or the fact that you ran out of eggs? Well the weekend is here to give you time to catch up on your to do errand list of all things outside of work.

3. Brunch

We don’t think this even needs an explanation BUT most restaurants only have their special brunch menu on the weekend and we are always down for brunch!

4. Time to stay out all Night

Whats better then staying out all night with friends having a good time? Being able to sleep in the next day duh! And God bless weekends for some sleeping in time. Circle back to 1 and have a Netflix day following your rager.

Weekend Warrior Top, $13

Happy Weekend!